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In the core of downtown Toronto, the client had recently purchased a condo into the luxury 55 Stewart Building/Thompson Hotel. The unit was a bit warn-in and was in need of some updating from the previous owner. We started with a fresh paint job throughout the unit to add a bit more of personal touch to the unit. Kitchen cabinetry was updated as well to keep with the tons of the unit along with new light features above the island.

The monochromatic palate of the unit keeps it very neutral but brings in warmth with some textured materials and greenery. Soft lighting fits the space exceptionally well to maintain the feel in the evening. The mix of marble, black matte metal and dark wood furniture blends seamlessly together. And with keeping storage furniture open allows for more light to come through and make the space feel much bigger than it really is.

Date: Summer 2019

Category:  Interior Design, Design, Design Management, Modern

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