Sustainable Design

At J.C. Design Group Inc., we are committed to integrating environmental sustainability into our designs, planning and construction practice methods. Our process incorporates objectives to optimize building performance, minimize resource consumption and promotes good health for the building inhabitants. With extensive education on the subject, as well as constant research for innovative methods, materials and design, we at J.C. Design Group can help determine what is feasible for each and every project and how to achieve the greatest impact.

With construction being a leading contributor for our growing landfills, our goal at J.C. Design Group is to limit our impact on the environment in our designs and specifications. We aim to make the best use of the resources and materials we use in our designs. This outlook drives us to develop innovative solutions to the social, economic and ecological sustainability issues.

As designers we aim to use less of the world's limited resources, and have an ethical responsibility to do everything in our power to play a significant role in creating sustainable projects. Sustainable design leads to new and creative designs for our clients that will not only help the environment but will assist in the operation of the structure.