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Custom Homes, Cottages & Pool Houses

New Custom Residential Design Development comes in a variety of packages to best serve our clients’ needs.  Packages are priced on a per square foot basis or a flat fee per design. Flat fee pricing will be determined after primary consultation. All packages include Title Page for the project, a .PDF version of permit drawings for clients’ records as well as for permit. If custom size prints are needed, this will be charged to the client.

Packages range per square foot with a minimum charge of $2,000 + HST. The rate will be determined due to the scope of work for the project and will be determined upon the initial consultation meeting. This includes 1 site visit. Any additional site visits, additional prints, revisions after design approval, etc…will be invoiced on a monthly basis for time and expenses spent on the project.

Complex custom homes have many variables and unique aspects to consider. New construction systems or methods, complex design, sustainable designs, etc...make the home more challenging to design and build. With that, at J.C. Design Group Inc. we love the challenge to make that custom home unique to our clients needs. For any project of this category will be evaluated on a per project basis after the initial consultation and a flat fee will be assigned for the project.

Packages of drawings may include:

Site Plan (Survey may need to be provided to J.C. Design Group)

Basement Plan (Finished or Unfinished as per design)

Ground Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan (as per design)

3rd Floor Plan (as per design)

4 Exterior Elevations

Roof Plan

Cross Sections of the Home

Wall Sections


Electrical Plans (entailing light fixtures, switches, outlet location, TV Cable and Phone Jacks)

Spatial Calculations

Renders (Interior & Exterior for additional fees)

*Not all drawing packages include all drawings stated above. Drawing package is determined due to the scope of work determined after first consultation.

Builder Homes Design & Subdivision Projects

Residential builder homes are based on a per square foot with a minimum of $1,750 plus HST is applied for New Residential Home Design. If multiple elevations/designs are needed for a home package, a rate will be determined on the scale of work for each of the additional elevation(s). The package includes all drawings needed to apply for permit. Streetscapes, lot specific alterations, etc...are charged at a rate of $50 per hour if added to a project.

Also available is our Rendering and Brochure services. We will develop and create all your sale items that you may require to get the development sold and built as fast as possible. Talk to us about some of our past work to see what we can offer you.

Renovations, Additions & Re-Designs

Renovations, additions and re-designs are unique projects. There are many variables and unique aspects to consider for any renovation. The fees for any project of this category will be evaluated on a per project basis after the initial consultation.

Interior Design

Interior Design  and/or Material Selection Services range from space planning to interior styling to furniture and material selection. These different services are available in any combination at a rate of $50 per hour. Initial consultation is based on a $75 per hour fee and is waived if the client signs with J.C. Design Group.

Interior Design & Material Selection Services can be added to any design packages for any Custom Home and Cottage packages, Builder Homes.

Travel Time/Expenses: Travel time will be charged to the client for site visits and additional client meetings. These site visits and meetings will be charged and invoiced monthly at a rate of $75 per hour and if travel is required, kilometers will be invoices at a rate of $0.30 per kilometer.

Permit Fees: Permit fees for items such as building permit, minor variance applications, site plan applications, etc...are all payable directly by the client. J.C. Design Group Inc. does not carry these expenses.

Terms of Payment: A $1,000 retainer fee is due upon the commencement of the work. The retainer will be kept on account and applied to the client's final invoice. The retainer is to reflect a minimum fee amount and is non-refundable should the project be cancelled. Additional charges due to additional prints, custom prints, courier charges and/or other expenses will be added to invoices. Work will be invoiced on a monthly basis for the project. Full payment for expenses shall be made upon receipt of final invoice.*

Taxes: All applicable sales taxes are charged in addition to the rates, expenses and fixed fees associated with the project. Design services are subject to 13% HST.

*If a Change Order is needed in which changes the Scope of Work already agreed upon by the Designer and the Client, an hourly rate of $100 per hour will apply for the additional work.