J.C. Design Group

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J.C Design Group is a design firm providing full architectural design services to the public and professionals in the design and construction industries. We specialize in residential, additions, renovations and small structure architectural design, all in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and Municipality Zoning By-Law requirements. Regardless of the project scope, our design process is dedicated in achieving an individual approach for all our clients based on strategic objectives, all while developing creative and innovative projects.


The success and growth of J.C. Design Group Inc. is due to our mission to deliver innovative and functional design solutions for the our clients that produce extraordinary results that are unique to their needs. J.C. Design Group has a broad portfolio of project types that range from custom residential homes, interior design and decorating and works collaboratively with builders, developers, investors and individuals who are in search for innovative and sustainable designs.


In today’s fast growing technological advancements, one needs to be up on the new applications to offer and produce the best product to ones clients. At J.C. Design Group, we strive to be familiar with all of the new software and methods in the industry. We utilize a variety of programs including to produce the best product for our clients.