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The client had purchased a semi-detached home in downtown Toronto and was looking to update things. Being quite handy the couple was able to do a significant amount to modernize the 100 year old home. However, the 3 bedroom, 1 bath [which was on the second floor] became to be a challenge for the growing family. This is where we came in to assist in implementing some additional functional space with limited size.

We took the existing covered porch and framed and insulated the whole space to add some interior square footage to the home. Then we were able to add a small but functional powder room and a foyer with new entry into the home to allow for more storage and a proper area to come into the home. The monochromatic colour scheme with a pop of metallic creates a warm and modern feel to this century home.

Date: Spring 2018

Category:  Architecture, Design, Interior Design, Renovation, Addition, Industrial, Farmhouse

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