Design Philosophy

Architecture should create experiences for the individuals who come in contact with the structure. An emotional response. A creative burst to the psyche. A feeling of inspiration. Or even just a sense of tranquility. Any or all of these responses, are what a designer is looking to produce when designing a structure. We strive to create spaces that captivate the individual and inspire the client through the exteriors, interiors, landscapes and materials.

The principles to any good design can be applied to even the smallest detail with in the largest structure. These principles can and will enhance the quality of life to the people inhibiting or utilizing the space. The design needs to fit into the surrounding environment and strengthen the environment as a whole.

We will discuss with our clients to determine their goals and take responsibility in creating a design in which:

  • Aesthetics meets economics meets function
  • Promotes sustainability, minimizes energy use and the conservation of resources
  • Encourages design innovation
  • Ensures cost-efficiency in development, operation and maintenance
  • Utilizes sound building science and engineering practices
  • Security and safety needs are met without a doubt
  • Reflects the culture and values of the client

"The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames