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Asian Inspired Outdoor Space - Innisfil

Asian v. Modern Design 

The idea for this outdoor space was to continue the Asian theme from the interior of the home. Flow and execution was critical in the design to make use of the existing sliding glass doors, to create two separate spaces into one bigger one for the summer months. The outdoor space was designed to be a place to sit back, relax and unwind.

We recycled bamboo blinds and added faux plants in a concrete planter to create a 'privacy screen' from the neighbors yard.  It was designed to be the focal point for the space. To customize the blinds we painted them a matte sweatshirt grey and added 'Relax' and 'Tranquility' in Mandarin on the blinds.

The home is constructed with a monochrome palette of white and grey bricks. The client did not want anything ostentatious to match the homes colour palette. We came up with a plan to keep in the grey tones and bring in a splash of colour with throws, decorative pillows and faux plants to match the raspberry red interior.