Architectural Design Phases

Design is a strategic approach to create a unique entity fabricated out of ones ideas. To develop a design there needs to be an integration of environment and purpose. Since every space is different, allowing to develop multiple concepts and allow for those ideas to advance into something real or what we call a Program. All of our projects at J.C. Design Group begin by carefully listening to our clients needs. Together, we then create a unique design that meets and exceeds their wants and desires. With a full service architectural firm, our approach gives clients the added assurance that the project will be completed competently and completely.

J.C. Design Group Inc. designs each project in a 6 phase process. These phases of architectural services include:

1 . Pre-design and Programming

Developing a program and establishing a budget and schedule is the first priority with any project. Your program can be thought of as a "problem", and J.C. Design Group the answer. We are here to help derive an architectural solution to you set problem. Before commencing any design work on the project, together we will determine the needs and expectations to make the end design exactly what our clients want. Getting things right at the beginning keeps the project on budget and on schedule.

2. Conceptual Design

This phase is where the real work begins. We commence the research and planning for the design and focus on developing a solution for the project. In this phase will investigate flow of rooms, site constraints and opportunities, and spatial relationships to create a tangible plan to move forward with. Through a circular process of sketches and revisions, with constant communication with our clients, we will develop a design to meet all the requirements of our clients.

3. Design Development (Presentation Drawings)

In the design development phase, the client gets to really see and visualize the project. Layouts, specific sizing and shape, and the character to the building site are further developed and advanced. Important elements of the home such as stairs, cabinetry, equipment and finished quality are designed in greater detail.

4. Construction Documents (Working Permit Drawings)

At this stage in the design process, the presentation drawings of the previous phase are converted into working drawings with the technical language used to obtain all required permits and for the contractor to construct the building. The construction documents are detailed instructions and specifications for the clients building and will include all drawings required for permits and construction.

5. Development & Implementation

Once the drawings are passed through the municipality for permit, the client will see the action of the construction of the project begin. J.C. Design Group provides construction phase field services (site visits) to ensure the contractor is building the project in conformity with the design concept and specifications and to answer any and all questions that may arise.

6. Conversion & Client Takeover

Prior to client possession, final inspection of the project will take place. We assist the client with the occupation and can assist in the education of any unfamiliar elements or features of the project. We review the project in its entirety and are here for our clients with anything they need. At J.C. Design Group, we want all our clients projects to be successful and enjoyable, and we do all we can to make that happen.